First Visitor to GMB new factory ‘locked’ GMB

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After two days negotiation, Mr. Karsil, project manager of Kale, reached agreement with and Mr. Neil Zeng, managing director of GMB, that a kind of 6-years shelf-life battery can not be sold to third part but Kale only.


Kale Kilit is as Turkey’s leading lock manufacturer, Kale Kilit has succeeded in penetrating international markets and is ranked amongst leading global brands.


Kale Kilit uses state of the art technology to manufacture 100.000 locks and 50.000 cylinders daily at its 35.000 square meter premises which employs a workforce of 2000. With its current levels of production and sales, Kale Kilit retains its position as leading lock manufacturer, supplying its customers with secure, high quality products.


In pas two years, Kale Lilit used a special Markyn lithium batteries for their latest intelligent locks, and won an encouraging feedback. To control the market, Kale lilit asks the battery manufacturer GMB to supply the batteries to them only, this kind of lithium has 6 yeas’ shelf life, high voltage, high safety characteristics, GMB is the only manufacturer of the lithium batteries of this kind.

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